25 most useful WordPress Widgets for Your web Site

25 most useful WordPress Widgets for Your web Site

in WordPress, You can easily customize Your Site layout through widgets. There are a lot of WordPress, plugins and themes that allow different Types of widgets. In this video, we show You the 25 most useful WordPress widgets for Your web Site.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

#1 is recent posts widget with thumbnails. By default, wordpress comes with the latest posts, but this widget allows You to add a featured image for each of the last publications and makes it more Inviting for the Readers.

#2 of the Category posts widget allows You to View the latest items by Category.

#3 is easy, social Symbols. this widget allows You to add social icon on Your sidebar.

#4 teh widget google maps. with it, You can add a Map to Your web Site, and if the User clicks on a larger Map opens in a lightbox popup.

#5 social count Sheet, you can show them, as many Followers of each of Your Social media Accounts, it is a great social Proof for Your Website.

#6 is the Image widget that allows You to add Photos to Your widget Area using the media uploader instead of remembering the html code.

#7 is the Taxonomies custom Menu widget allows You to Display Taxonomies that are customized in the sidebar of a wordpress Site.

#8 is compact Archives is a great way to show Your monthly Archive on Your web Site.

#9 is the Authors widget allows You to Display a List of all the Authors on Their web Site.

#10 is the youtube channel of the Gallery, which displays all Your latest youtube videos from Your channel on Your Site.

#11 optinmonster is a lead generation plugin for Growing Your Email List. optinmonster comes with a sidebar and a post-widgets, let us help You grow Your Email List.

#12 is the login window widget, this is another Way to make a login Form on Your Site.

#13 is the ease of Contact-info, You can add Your contact information, social Symbols, and the Location data only by filling out the Form. then, You can info widget where You want to show Your contact information.

#14 is a quick chat, You can add a system of live Chat on Your Site.

#15 testimonials widget is a good Way to show Your References on Your Site.

#16 is whitles. this widget allows You to display Information on an Accordion or tabbed Style on Your web Site.

#17 is own skype status widget allows You to Display Your skype Contact info and your status on your web Site.

#18 is the random posts widget. this widget displays a random post on Your Sidebar for Users to Read.

#19 is Soliloquy wordpress slider widget is a responsive slider plugin that lets you add a Slider to Your sidebar anywhere on Your Site.

#20, the feature page widget, You add a Page, such as the existence of a Page on Your Sidebar, if You want.

#21 is envira Gallery is a beautiful Gallery plguin that You can show Your Galleries photos in a sidebar widget.

#22 of the Date and Time-widget that displays the Date and Time of Your Visitors on Your Site.

#23 is the google Calendar Event, You can show Your google Calendar of upcoming Events for Your Visitors.

#24 is the recent Announcement of the registered User, widget, it is very nice if You have registered Users, this widget you can show Your User name, a Welcome Message, and much more.

#25 is wordpress-popular-posts widget allows You to view Your web Site more popular opinions on Their web Site.

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