Create a Site Web PRO (WordPress de A à Z)

Create a Site Web PRO (WordPress de A à Z)

How to create your Website WORDPRESS? Design Pro in 1 HOUR !
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**Your Site will be on the Internet + Design worthy of a professional at the end of the video**

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At the end of this video, you’ll have your website online, BY, design and features are excellent and accessible to the whole world !

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Learn how to create a website for your business from A to Z with WordPress.

In the following videos you will learn how to generate customer to your business through your web site.

* Web strategy
* Make your website useful to your business
* Convert visitors into Customers

The result:
– Use Adwords and other marketing channels to generate qualified visits and therefore Transformations
– Install and use Google Analytics to understand precisely what is happening on your site, who are these people that convert, and what should be improved in order to better convert