Custom Fields WordPress | Scope Of The Custom Fields In WordPress

Custom Fields WordPress | Advanced Custom Fields for WordPress

Welcome to the Custom Fields WordPress tutorial. In this tutorial, I explained how we can add custom Fields in wordpress posts or Pages using Advanced Custom Fields WordPress-Plugin.
With the advanced custom fields plugin, You can use any Number of Fields, as You know, this Content or below the Title on the Content as You know, You can use any Number of Fields and different field Types, such as Text box, Text box, etc, with this plugin.
Not only on the Contributions, You know, there are several Options, as You know, on the Sides or only to some Class of Contributions, etc, You can use this plugin, You can simply add the new Fields here, and I’ll show You how to do that one.
Do this, You must first install the plugin, go to plugins, then click on add new.
In the Search field, the Search with the Words extended with custom Fields.
Search for plugins.
This is the plugin that we use.
Click on “install now”.
“Are You sure You want to install this plugin?”, yes, click “Ok”.
Now that the plugin is installed, and then click to activate the plugin plugin to activate.
Ok, now that the plugin is activated and You can see, the plug-in ” installed plugins Section and once the plugin is activated, there appears a new Menu called “Custom Fields” on the left Menu.
so,click on custom Fields.
So, once u click on custom Fields, as You know, this is the Page that appears, and it is up to You to see, something that is called Field-Groups.
So, the first thing You need to do, You must add a Field Group.
So, what is a Group?
A group of fields is nothing more than a Group of Fields.that is to say, what are the Fields u want to add, such as txt, Field, txt) Field, radio buttons, etc., You are this Group is like a Group Field.
it is thus a Field called Group.
for the first, what need to do is to add a new Group Box.
so, click on add new here.
so, once u click on “add new Field” Group, so the first Thing is, type a new Name in what Purpose, what I Do, I give it as a test of the Group Box.
secong is, we’ll add the Fields we want to group by this Field.
So, click on add fieild.
Therefore, the first, is that I want to add a Text box for the Phone number.
So what I Do, I have to add, You know, the Phone number. The Field name is displayed automatically. The field Type we need here.
Here, we have several Options, such as text field, text area, Phone number, E-Mail address, Password etc
So, for this Article, the Purpose of what I Do, I Do, I am adding these two Fields.
A Text box for the Phone number and a Text box for the Address.
To select the text here.
You can add a Field, the Instructions here. So, if You can type “Please enter Your Phone number here.”
So, if You want to, as a required Field, You can choose from, such as “yes”, otherwise “No”.
When it is necessary to Field to ” yes “, then, means that You have a post office, if You do not give, You know the Telephone number, then it will not let You publish it.
We choose yes here, and Failing that, You know, You can use a Default value like “1234567890”. Therefore, it is the Default value that appears.
Therefore, there are a few other Options that You do not need to use, so that the first, what I have done, I have a text Field.
I would like to add another Field, a Text field of the End Address. So, click on add a Field, once more, and as You know the Field label, Address, and filed Name is automatically pop-up in the Type Field, select the text Box here. To enter the Area to provide Instructions, please indicate Your Address here.”
Is necessary, it is not necessary. We leave as the default Value here.
The default Value, you know, You can choose any Default Value here.
Number of Rows, I am Limiting to 4.
This means that only four Lines, and as You know now, so we’ve Added a text Field and a text area Box.
The next is the Situation exactly where You want them, the Field Group, this means that the new Fields we’ve Added, the text Field for the Phone number and the text of the Address Area of the place where You want to see.
Do You want to Display on a post or a Page, or where You have these Options.
If You want, You can view it on a post Type, and then select this, as You know, You have several Options, here Type of position, etc, Select the Type of position, the same position.
If You select the Page here, the Options appear on one Side. We would be happy to do so in a post so it choose as a post.
So, for this Article I am selecting Post Type is equal to Post it here
Click publish.
Ok. So now, the Group Area is saved and the Field Labels Phone number and Address, and that is the name of the Field here. The field names are phone_no and Address, so that these two Things that we have to remember.
Now, try to find a post here.
So what I Do, I try to give the poster here.
Once You post now, You have to add code to Your Template to Display these new Information added to Their Contributions.