Customize Your WordPress Login Page With This Plugin ImagineWP

Customize Your WordPress Login Page With This Plugin ImagineWP

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### Custom Login Page Customizer, WordPress Plugin-Installation and Use

Hello to all,

This is the first WordPress related video I’ve posted in some Time. There are several Reasons for this, but the most important thing is that I have a new job started and he had not much Time to Work on personal Projects, as I’ve Done before.

In any case, we are talking now about the plug-in that we will examine, in the video today.

This video covers the installation, adjustment and Custom Fit on the login Page Customizer plugin. In Fact, this plugin allows You to customize the look and feel of Default WordPress-login Page. All changes made to Settings in the WordPress Customizer.

This is probably not a plugin that You want to use on every WordPress web Site operated by, but it should be used, if the situation requires it. A good use Case would be a single, where the clients or the Customers of the WordPress login admin. This plugin, You can use a login Page that fits with the rest of the web Site, branding, Colors, etc

### Resources
– Customize the login Page of Customizer –
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– Plugin author –

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