How to Add Front-End Login Page and Widget in WordPress

How to Add Front-End Login Page and the Widgets in WordPress

if You want a front-end-login Function to Your WordPress Site? Send the User to the login Page is usually the redirect to the WordPress-admin Area, which is not always ideal. In this video, we show You how a front-end login Page in WordPress.

Text Version of this tutorial:

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Summary of this tutorial:

Start the Installation and Activating the Theme My Login plugin.

Once activated, it is automatically with the Fund, the Pages login, logout, forgot Password, Registration and.

Use these Pages, or visit the theme Options allow You to configure the Settings.

You are Able to the plugin to use the Default connection, the style sheet is Style Your login and, if the User name, E-Mail, or Logging.

It allows You to send custom E-Mails from WordPress, if Your Users receive E-Mails from Your WordPress Site.

There are also redirect Options, when Users log in, that You want to redirect.

After You have logged in, You can set it up so that the custom User to the left to walk through Your Site, log in widget, so that You are connected to.

There are Security Options of Your Registration in regards to the private Registration, if You want Your web Site for your personal use, and the allowed Number of login attempts.