How to Add the Signature After the Publication Content in WordPress

How to Add Signature to After Post Content in WordPress

Add Signatures or Advertising of your messages is not always easy to do. We have addressed this question and in this video we will show You how to View Signatures, or post Your desktop post the Contents.

Text Version of this tutorial:

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Summary of this tutorial:

Our main Method that we recommend, it would be possible to install and activate the Insert Post Ads plugin:

Insert Post Ads

Once activated, it will be a Post to Display the Section of Your admin Area for Configuring Settings of the plug-ins, such as, for example, where the ads are Able to show it.

This is configured, You can create ads, with the Help of the Post-View, Add, or clicking to View the code of Your Signature.

You can also manually add the code with the code from the Article below: