How to Create a PREMIUM Website with WordPress – Elegant Themes!

To Create a PREMIUM Website with WordPress Elegant Designs! (affiliate link)

In this approach step-by-step video tutorial, I will guide You on how to make a very professional WordPress website with the premium Divi theme from Elegant Themes. The video is designed so that everyone, even Beginners can easily Follow along, and build a great website.

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Things fall in this video:
0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:45 Ball List of what You will create
0:03:03 A walkthrough, the exact Place, You will learn how to create
0:14:53 setting up a domain Name and a hosting account with a Company called HostGator and getting Your first Month of web hosting for only 1 penny
0:20:38 Installing WordPress on Your hosting account
0:23:57 Registration in the backend of Your WordPress site
0:25:24 Configuring basic WordPress Settings
0:28:48 purchasing, downloading and installing, and Activating the Divi Theme
0:29:11 Advantages of Using the Divi theme from Elegant Themes
0:37:01 on the Divi-Documentation assistance
0:38:01 configuration of the social media links in the header and footer Part 1
0:39:44 Removing the Elegant Themes, WordPress in the Footer
0:40:44 setup of the social media links Part 2 and additional theme Settings
0:43:36 Choosing the Page Width, Colors and Fonts
0:45:25 Pages To Be Created
0:48:34 Creating navigation Menus
0:56:20 setting up the Home page and the optional blog Page
0:57:57 Using the page builder and the Accordion modulate to add Content to the FAQ Page
1:04:51 using the Contact Form and Map Modules to add Content to the Contact Page
1:10:37 Adding Content On our Page, with the Sections and the background Images of page builder
1:11:02 Where do you get free and high quality stock Photos
1:22:22 Adding Content to the testimonials Page with the testimonial Module
1:27:58 by two Types of Photo gallery Modules on the Portfolio Page
1:36:46 professionals of color Palettes
1:42:14 Creating a professional logo online free-Resources
1:53:42 Adding the logo to the web site
1:55:11 Enabling/Disabling the Navigation bar fixed
1:56:15 setting up an optional blog
1:59:14 Creating blog articles
2:03:14 Adding an Image to Your blog Content with the visual editor
2:04:53 Creating a video blog post
2:08:03 Creating a blog-link
2:11:45 Blog Comment Settings
2:14:50 Widgets widget-Areas
2:21:06 How to use widgets on Your Pages with page builder
2:23:42 Adding Content to the Home page
2:23:58 Creating a Slide show full Width
2:33:08 With blurb, Modules, and Symbols
2:42:06, With the Animation Options specific Modules
2:43:05 Add Module Divider
2:44:16 Adding a call-to-action-Module’s own Section background Color
2:47:10 Adding a blog Module on the home Page
2:50:26 Adding a Column with a Background image that uses the Parallax Effect
2:58:48 Creation Projects, and use and add the carousel Module on the home Page
3:01:59 Adding Projects to the Navigation Menu
3:06:50 With a plugin to add an editor to visual widget
3:09:41 to put the full Width of the layout box layout and Use of background Colors or Images for Your web Site
3:13:28, Like complete Control of Your site, the Colors, and not only the games of Colours
3:14:50 final Words and multiple Ways to say thank you 😉

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