How to Install Google Analytics for WordPress

How to Install Google Analytics for WordPress
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Today’s Conference is all about how to Google Analytics. We break this Exposition into three Parts, we’ll talk about:

– As it is easy to Google Analytics
– Why did You Install Google Analytics on all Pages of Your website
-Walkthrough/Screen Share


And we’re going to talk about very quickly how easy it is to Google Analytics. A lot of People believe that Installing Google Analytics is a difficult Task, I’m here to tell You, it literally takes a minute. It is not difficult to do, even if You don’t understand how to do Coding inside a web site, or you are not a Programmer, no Reason to worry, and as I have already said, at the End of this Hike, we have through the Process, and I’m going to show You how easy it is.


In this case, why You want to install google Analytics on all Pages, and it is really coming at You, You want to install some Analysis on the Header or the Footer of Your site, preferably the Head, because it is much easier to understand, but the Reason You want to do this, it is that, if You use Google Analytics, You need to install on Your web site, Your web site, what will happen then every time someone comes to Your web site on the home page, They will come, They will start always going on on the home page of Your site in google Analytics, and then if You have another Page of Your site, You have without doubt, Scans, Read, as You have left Your site.


He will say, “What is Your website name?”To me, it is at the National level Contracting, it is It is, in fact, a web site, I am at the configuration of my Father, he had his own Business for some Time, so I wanted to Analytics for him. “Select Industry Category”, I did not really guess in this Part, we’ll just say that I think we can go with the Business and Industrial Markets. US, Pacific Time?No, no, No, I want to plant, and has been, as simple as that.

Here’s what will happen, we will click on the “tracking ID”, and then he will give us, this tracking code. This is where People are confused, You will see the tracking code, You do not panic, You think, “Oh, geez, I could never tracking code.” This is Your tracking ID, UA38687717-4, it is, of course, my Google Analytics account ID, You will be an other, itself, and then the tracking code, that is the easy Part, have you already received by the hard parts, let me show You how easy it is.

We’re going to press CTRL+C to copy, and then, we’re going to, assumably, you are in Word Press. I always say, if You use Word Press on da, this is the most simple CMS, in my Opinion, I Love Word Press, but in the Background, we’re going here, you go to “Appearance”we enter in the editor, we’re going down. You can select the page Footer, if you know what you are doing, but it is even more easy, let us help You select header, and it is up to each Subject. This is standard, we will “, click on the header”, and here we’ll it is what it is, that we are looking, and, Basically, You want the code between here, where it says “Head”, and here, where it says “anti-slash Head.”

You don’t want to give You something here, You don’t want to put in the Middle of this. All we have to do is go to the bottom, if we will press “enter” twice, CTRL+V, it is the google Analytics code, as You can see, we are Los to Scroll down, update the File, and we are done. This is it, this is all it takes for Google Analytics.

Then, we can go, just to be sure, we can go we’re going to do a right click, click on “Display” Page Source”, which is a little too big for the Screen here, so I’m going to do it. Then, we do with CTRL+F for find, and Type google Analytics, and it is there, it is the Google Analytics code. It is a Way to do this is the easiest Way to do it Guys, I recommend You do it this Way.