How to install WordPress, Plugins and Themes WordPress Tutorial

How to install WordPress, Plugins and Themes-Wordpress Tutorial

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In this video tutorial, I will show You how quick and easy to install WordPress, plugins and WordPress themes.

You learn how to make a WordPress Website in less than 10 Minutes Here:

Here is a link to the Theme I use and what I prefer:

A WordPress plugin is something on Your site install to perform a certain Action (which may also be SEO-Professional, the incorporation of Video Services, and much more).

A WordPress theme is the Look and feel of Your site. Fundamentally, however, do You want to see Your website is on this Topic, you need to have for You to choose from.

*** With plugins and themes to come in 2 different Types. Premium and Free. There are some that are really cheap, and then others that are quite expensive. It will all depend on Your Needs, that You need.

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