How to make a business Website with WordPress PRO!

How to make a business Website with WordPress PRO!

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In this Step-by-Step video tutorial, I show You how a professional business website with WordPress free, Spacious rooms Theme from the Topic Barbecue. This tutorial is understandable, and nothing is ignored, it should be easy to Follow, even for Beginners!

Things in the Video:
0:00:00 Welcome
0:00:29 Ball-List of video Content
0:02:11 full Solution of what You will create
0:08:52 configuring a domain Name and a web hosting account with (Use wpsculptor1cent for 1 cent for the first Month, or use wpsculptor30 30% Discount on Your hosting Order, I Thank You for Your Support!!!)
0:14:42 Installing WordPress on Your hosting account
0:17:38 Login in the backend of Your WordPress Site and taking care of a few basic elements
0:21:58 Download and install the mobile version friendly Spacious Theme from the Topic Barbecue
0:23:25 Pages To Be Created
0:25:47 Creation Menu Navigation drop Down Feature
0:33:00, Indicating the Page is your Home page
0:35:02 Adding text and Image, the Content of Your Pages with notepad
0:37:45 Find free and high-quality stock Photos to use on Your website
0:42:33, Makes each text a link to another Page with notepad
0:43:35 Adding a Contact Form on the Contact Page with a WordPress plugin
0:46:27 With a image Gallery plugin “lightbox” Effect
0:50:10 Adaptation of the picture-gallery-thumbnail Settings
0:52:26 Add a YouTube Video in Your Pages
0:53:42 for the Creation of the “Editors” of the Page with text and an Image with the visual editor
0:55:23 view of the Spacious Theme Options
0:56:09 the Choice of a Site for the presentation of Width
0:58:04 As potentially add a “favicon” for Your web Site
0:58:55 Shout out to the card Spacious Premium Theme update
0:59:33 Coming up with Your own set of Colors, and the Use of an online Resources to come up with Ideas of Colors
1:00:43 Change Your web site, the primary keys of the accent color
1:01:52 Your site”s background Color
1:03:23 Creating a custom logo
1:12:44 Adding a Logo on Your Site
1:13:48 configuration of the option Slide show on Your home Page
1:15:50 Crop Your shot Images
1:22:53 Discuss, widgets and widget Areas to add multiple widgets to extend the Functionality of Your Website
1:24:13 the Choice between right or to the left of the Sidebar
1:27:29 Adding a Testimonial Widget on Your Sidebar
1:28:31 Adding a Featured Page widget on Your Sidebar
1:32:05 Added 4 footer widgets
1:34:22 setting up the Contact Page sidebar widget Area
1:36:45 configure the home Page Using the “Business Model”
1:40:02 Add the Services Widget on Your Home page with professional icons
1:45:26 Add a Featured Page Widget to Your Home screen
1:46:04 Add a Testimonial Widget to Your Home screen
1:46:41, Adding a Call-to-Action Widgets to Your Home screen
1:48:04 Message Close and the Possibilities, to say thank you 🙂

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