How to make a WordPress Website – 2014

How to make a WordPress Website – 2014

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Create a business website step by step with no Step is skipped. We will be using WordPress to build Your website in just a few Hours, You have a complete website that looks Revolutionary!


Website Tour 0:00:00
What is a Theme Responsive 0:02:34
Video Overview 0:02:58
Hosting Overview 0:03:05
The Domain Name Overview 0:05:50
WordPress Overview 0:04:47
Theme Of The Presentation 0:05:28
Create Website Overview 0:05:55

1. Choose A Web Hosting & Web Site Name Buy

Visiting HostGator 0:06:50
Choosing a Plan 0:07:14
The Registration of a Domain Name 0:08:45
The Input Of Payment Information 0:10:19
The coupon code Discount of 35% Enter in thirty-five at 0:11:13
Confirmation By E-Mail And Passwords 0:12:12

2. Installing WordPress & Setting Up Your Web Site

Install WordPress 0:12:37
Click Quick Setup, 0:13:31
Install WordPress 0:13:48
Thank You To WordPress-0:17:15
Change Password 0:18:18
Disable WP-super-cache-19:35
Diable Plugins 0:20:26

3.Install Your Theme 0:22:22

4.Create Your Web Site

Add and delete Pages

Delete Sample Page, 0:24:25
By Making Your Pages 0:25:00

Add Featured Image To Home Page

Add Homepage Feature Image 0:27:39
To Change The Function Of The Image Text 0:30:55
Download, Image 0:37:39
Set Feature Image To Homepage 0:38:55
Remove Slider Arrow From Featured Image 0:39:50

Leave The Home Page With All The Information

Complete Homepage 0:40:30
Install Page Builder-0:41:10
To add widgets and Rows 0:42:55
Turn The Personalized Home Page, At 0:43:57
Adding To The Home Page Of Boxing, 0:44:30
Adding Links 0:45:50
Add A Text Box, 0:50:51
Add A Touch 0:50:59
Add The Video To 0:52:19
Add A Divider Line 0:53:59

Photo Galley Page

Photo Gallery Page 0:55:25
Remove Sidebar 0:55:48
Add Images 0:56:27
Image Pop Up With Lightbox 0:59:25

Page Services

Services Page 1:01:40
Add Icons 1:02:20
Remove Sidebar 1:05:10
Change Circle Symbol Color 1:05:42
Add Some Space 1:10:30

About Our Company-Page

Page 1:11:07
Create a link to existing Content 1:12:11
Add Picture 1:12:40
Pickmonkey Collage 1:13:04
Add Facebook Widget 1:16:50

Contact Page

Contact:Page 1: 21:10
Remove The Pane 1:21:31
Contact-Text 1:22:05
Page Builder-1:22:38
Blackstudio mce Plugin 1:24:25
Contact Form 1:28:36
Add Divider Line & change Color 1:32:29
Map 1:33:12
Change the e-mail address for contact Form 1:35:11


Organize/Create Menu 1:35:48
Unternavigation 1:37:30

Create and Integrate Logo

Create a Logo 1:38:09
To Change The Logo Size 1:43:48

The Social Media

Social media Icons 1:44:40

The Description Of The Site

Change Site Description 1:47:33