How to use WordPress Plugin Newsletter

How to use WordPress Plugin Newsletter

Follow this step by step Guide to learn how to install wordpress newsletter plugin and then send Newsletters with the Help of the computer.

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Almost every Platform for blogging provides a Tool that allows you to send Newsletters to the Visitors. Same is the Case with WordPress. In this tutorial, we will teach You how to install and use wordpress plugin newsletter.

Step 1 — Install a new plugin

First of all, we need to download a wordpress plugin for Sending Newsletters. To do this, go to the plug-ins Tab, and then click on the “add new”.
In the search Bar, type “Newsletter” and click on “Search Plugins” Button.

Click on “Install now” button against the desired module. A Confirmation message appears; click the OK Button to go further.

Step 2-Go to the newsletter plugin

Then, the plugin downloaded and installed. Simply click on the option to Activate the plugin to activate.
After the Activation, the Page is reloaded. Recently installed wordpress-plugin-Tab appears on the left Side of the Window, just below the “Settings”Tab.
Move the Mouse over the recently installed plugin and click Configuration.

Step 3-Enter the E-Mail

Now, enter the E-Mail Addresses in the appropriate Fields, in order to properly configure the plugin, and then save the changes have been made.

Step 4 — Launch a New Message

For the sending of the newsletter, click the Newsletter option, under the’-subscribe to the Newsletter on the left Side of the Screen. Once the new Page is loaded, click on the new Message Button.

Step 5 – enter a Theme

A new Page will open, where can we choose a Theme and a Preview, there are also.
After the Topic has been selected, click on “Create E-Mail”.

Step 6 — Start Delivery

As a Result, open it in the editor. Here write your E-Mail address and then click the “send”Button.
Once You have finished, You are prompted to launch a real Expedition. Click on the ” ok ” Button and Your E-Mail is increasingly the Queue for sending. That is, how can You the newsletter wordpress plugin.