Severn Cullis-Suzuki at Rio Summit 1992

Severn Cullis-Suzuki at Rio Summit in 1992,

the Severn is an Activist and Writer, speaks of social Justice and environmental Issues since She was small. The Age of 9 She started the Environmental Children’s Organization (ECO) with a Group of Friends committed to learn and to teach others on environmental issues. In 1992, ECO-Severn, participated in an earth summit in Rio, where, at the Age of twelve Years old, She has kept a huge Speech, has the world’s Attention. For this, She received the UNITED nations Environment Program “Global 500 Award” in Beijing, and, the following Year.

Since then, Severn has served at the united nations, the Earth Charter-european Commission and the united nations, Kofi Annan’s Special Advisory Panel for the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg. She has also co-founded the Skyfish, a Project, a Web-based think tank, which encourages Young people to talk about Their Future and to follow a more sustainable lifestyle. In the Year 2000, and five Friends carried out Powershift — a cross-Canada Cycling Campaign to raise Awareness about Climate change and air Pollution.

Severn received a Bachelor of Science degree in Ecology and evolutionary Biology at Yale University and a Master of Science in Ethnoecology from the University of Victoria, british columbia, where She studied with Kwakwaka’wakw oldest on the Pacific Northwest coast. She has made several Tours in Japan with the Namakemono Club and has published several Books including Tell the World (1993) on The Day, They can Change the World ” (2003) and as Editor of Notes from Canada’s Young Activists (2007). A Youth, Severn co-organizers of the TELEVISION Series for Children Suzuki’s NatureQuest.

Currently, Severn Lives on the West coast and the Pacific Archipelago of Haida Gwaii with her Husband and Her little Boy. Here, She explores the Haida Language and hosts APTN’s Samaqan — Water Stories—a Series about first Nations and Water Issues, now, the title of the Third Season. She is a Member of the board of directors of the David Suzuki Foundation and the Haida Gwaii Higher Education Society, a Lever for the girls Action Foundation, and a Sustainability Speakers in the world. She hopes that the Pursuit of traditional and scientific Knowledge and with a lot of Commitment and Your Voice will help to promote a Culture of Diversity, Sustainability and Joy.