To Add an Open-source Database and Web Application to a WordPress Site

To Add an Open-source Database and Web Application in a WordPress Website | you Learn to connect a free Caspio Database to a WordPress site in less than 5 Minutes.

You will also learn how to create a Database of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and make them interactive web-app in a Matter of Minutes.

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Caspio, allows anyone to quickly create online Databases, web Applications, and web Forms, all without a single Line of code. With its intuitive interface, application-Building Wizard, You can now simply “Point-and-click Your Way to Creating a powerful online Database applications, the provision of seamlessly into Your own website, intranet, CMS, or blog.

Many Professionals use WordPress to create sites for different Types of Projects. Caspio offers an open-source Database Platform, which allows Users to Create applications and connect those applications to Your WordPress site. You log in to Your Account WordPress embed Caspio Forms, reports, Charts, Diagrams, and other Types of Application Interfaces.