To Create an E-Commerce Website with WordPress online Store! – 2016

To Create an E-Commerce Website with WordPress online Store! – 2016

THE BEST!! Learn to be a professional E-Commerce site with wordpress!! Demo Site:

Important links:
HOSTGATOR: (affiliate link)

12:58 – Step 1: Domain name and Hosting

16:10 – Step 2: go to the E-Mail Box

16:27 – Step 3: log in to Cpanel

16:47 – Step 4: Install WordPress

18:37 – Step 5: Log in to the WordPress Site

19:27 – Step 6: Get Flatsome Theme (E-Commerce, Model)

20:25 – Step 7: Install a WordPress theme-Site

21:36 – Step 8: Install Plugins Review

22:38 – Step 9: Install Review Pages

23:11 – Step 10: Save Images

23:45 – 11 Stage: Download Images

24:33 – Step 12: Change WordPress Page Style/Color

32:30) – Step 13: Create Custom Logo

35:32 – Step 14: Creation Of Website / Blog

39:45 – Step 15-A: Create Home Page Slider Block

55:09 – Step 15-B: Create Banners Online

1:03:20 – Step 15-C: Creation Of The Star Of The Series Of Product

1:06:08 – Step 15-D: Create A Blog Section

1:10:03 – Step 16: Set-up Product Options Page

1:11:33 Step 17: Add Products (simple products: 1:12:48 & variable Products: 1:35:35)

1:48:28 – Step 18: Define Categories Of Options

1:53:55 – 19 Step: The Creation Of The Page Of The Shop

1:59:58 – Step 20: The Format Of The Blog Page

2:01:31 – Step 21: Create Blog Articles

2:20:28 – Step 22: Create You On The Page

2:36:50-By-Step 23: Create The Contact Page

2:44:25 – Step 24: FAQ Page Create

2:53:37 – Step 25: Create the Shipping and return Page

2:55:35 – Step 26: Create terms and conditions Page

2:56:32 – Step 27: Create The Data Protection Page

3:00:14 – Step 28: Create A Wish List Page

3:01:57 – No Of Step: Create The Why Of The Page

3:05:24 – Step 29: Create The Header Menu

3:16:58 – Step-30-A: Create The Top Bar Navigation Menu

3:25:57 – Step-30-B: Create A Footer Menu

3:28:22 – Step 31: Link Buttons to Pages

3:32:22-By-Step 32: Set Parameters Of Review

3:41:08 By-Step 33: Test For Transaction

This video teaches You how to make an E-Commerce wordpress site and You can adapt it, so that You can build it, as You want 🙂

In this tutorial, You will learn how to create an e-commerce Store using wordpress. If You are looking for something to sell, this is the E-Commerce for You!

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