WordPress-Walkthrough-Series (2 to 10) – Login & admin Area

WordPress-Walkthrough-Series (2 to 10) – Login & Admin,

Bluehost is a top recommended host for WordPress! Follow along as we show you how to really have a real website using WordPress on Your Bluehost hosting account. Learn, click-by-click how You can create a static Page, a blog, plugins, upload photo Galleries and much more!

In this video, we will explain how to log in to Your WordPress administration and Using the main Tools.

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This video is Part of our WordPress walkthrough Series of 1 to 10

Chapter 1 – Overview And Installation
Chapter 2 – The Login Admin And The Domain Of
Chapter 3 – Creating Your Pages
Chapter 4 – Creation Of Blog-Pages
Chapter 5 Categories And Tags
Chapter 6 – Using Plugins
Chapter 7 – Customizing Themes
Chapter 8 – Menu And Widgets
Chapter 9 Creating & Managing Users
Chapter 10 – Promoting Your Site

Full Playlist: http://bluho.st/LHW1E