WordPress Web Design tutorial: create Your top-level-web-Page-Templates

WordPress Web Design tutorial: create Your top level web Page Templates

my Plan of cheat sheet here http://bit.ly/webblueprints. In this video, I’ll cover the main elements for a web Page, including the Page, the navigation, the Banner, the Sidebar, Footer, Body, and Page specs. I’m going to include Things like the number of Words, keywords, Saturation, video and Placement of outgoing links, as well as links to other videos on similar Topics. Do not forget to share this video with Your Friends, the Difficulties related to the website design!

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Video Notes:

************************1. Creation of Models************************

Now, a big problem that I see with a business Owner and the Clients that hire me, and, and other WordPress-web-Designer for each Page that You want to design a new Page. You know, it’s like, we need to add a new Page to our web site. It’s like, oh, great, I need a design any other Page.

Now, it does not work, You need to create Models and a Quantity of website web, site web, Themes, today, the support of a template-based system. So, what we do is to create a Series of Templates, You can now export to the rest of Your Pages. But it is still important that these Models.

************************2. High-level Navigation************************

First of all, and of course, You know how they are, They are still one, this could be Your social media links above. This could be, such as Your Phone number or an E-Mail address of the Key.

You know that those who have always been Able to Contact me, closure with Buttons, I think it is a good Idea. Up here You have the Navigation Tabs. Now, when I started, in the present, it was a way in which You think that You should seven navigation tabs. I am not agree with that more.

I think They need to have four or five tops, and You must do it very simply. Each of Them should be addressed to the Transformation of a Viewer to the Sale. If You do not have these Navigation Tabs, to tell the House. Correctly? Because, in General, Your logo will be carried to the House.

You, You need to say something like that About Us. What we offer. How to work with us. And on our blog. Something like that.

WordPress-web design tutorial
The Design of a top-level-web-Page Presentation

************************3. Sidebar and Footer************************

I believe that in the bars. Some People do, how this whole Page design, it is normal. It is very good. If the Intention of Your web Site. I love the bars, because it will allow me, the Viewer, in a different Way.

See the Pages of Your web site design, It could be useful, YouTube. You know, YouTube marketing. The Landing page of the videos. A Video Production. Video-Bumper. Do You know that? Maybe even one day, said, what are you looking for? And then, below, I have a small Circle. I usually use it to represent a Witness. So maybe have You got.

A WordPress testimonial widget to the right, where it is, every time it is updated, a new witness appears, Right. You are, therefore, of the Confrontation with the Viewer in this Way. It could even be, as well as links to social media, Experiment with a Instagram-box. We’ll see how it goes. We go to Him, I go back to the Home page, the Last, go to your Footer.

Your Footer here is an enormous Resource. I like the three or four Checkboxes at the Foot of the page, may be, as You know, a Resume on we, it may be that our social Relations, and then, perhaps, as a Calendar and Planning home, or to work with me, Right. And this could be a Photo.

Maybe it looks like a Contact-box, but it is an Image, and when You click on it. It will come back with us. And then, maybe, here, You have something that You love to Your blog-roll. Correctly? As well, Your, Their most recent and blogs. Or perhaps is this, like Your most popular blogs, You know, You can, You can work with some plug-ins.

************************4: Main page************************

In your hand or top-level-Site design, Your key of the Body, we will return. Agree, as we have said, approximately 400 Words. But look, as I built it. I have an Image at the top, and then I have a bit of text to the right. Now, I have more of the text.

In particular, I have a few. So, Basically, what You have here, You have, You know, all that You really need to convert the spectators. Up here, up there. And then She will say something like ” let’s dig a little more, because You don’t want that it is essential to start Your Page, right?


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