You can configure Your Settings in WordPress

You can configure Your WordPress Settings is proud to present “A comprehensive Guide to all Things WordPress”, our up-to-date and growing List of videos that show how to get the most out of Your WordPress installation.

This video is a visual Walk through the Explanation of the different Settings of Your new WordPress installation.

Until the End of this Walk, You should be Able to achieve the Following objectives:
– Access to the newly installed WordPress, as well as the connection in the dashboard of WordPress.
– Manage plug-ins in Your dashboard.
Manage the Options in the Settings, including: Change the “General” change the Settings “Write”, “Read” and “Discussion” Settings.
– Management of the peratmeters for the Images on Your web site, including Thumbnail Size, medium size and large Size, the default Values.
– The Default Assignment, the Value of the permalinks that each Page of Your Site is to Follow it.

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