Your First WordPress Blog Post

Your First WordPress Blog Post

If You are completely new to WordPress, one of the first Things that You want to learn to a basic-blog. Fortunately, it is easy enough to do, but like most other Things in Life, it is much easier to learn from someone else that he fumble through on Your own. Today, Mark will show You step-by-Step how to create Your first post, starting with the Indication of Its Title of the post adding Content and Images, add a featured image, and how You want Your mail to appear later (for example, if You are on Holiday and You want it to Look like, You are still working).

2:49 the Launch of a new post-Page in the preview)

5:54 how to enter a Title of the post

6:21 Add Content to Your post office

7:19 Adding Photos to Your post

14:00 Adding a featured image

15:36 You plan to post, at a later Date

17:08 Edit Your permalinks

If You learn how to better Read, we have a step by Step guide on the blog on our website here:”