LoginRadius Review: Complete Disconnect between their Sales & Tech Teams

LoginRadius.com which promises to provide social login services does not have a proper system to keep its sales and tech teams in sync. While its sales team will promise the whole world for you when you contact them, their tech team ends up delivering an inferior software that you can never use. Then you end up exchanging numerous messages with their support team for months and you still arrive nowhere after spending thousands of dollars on their products.

We enquired them for a simple social login integration with a WordPress payment system such as Woocommerce where a user can make a payment and get registered as a member in our system, their sales guy excitedly responded back saying this:


We also entered into an agreement and the Statement of Work was signed as follows:



When the software was delivered to us and when we tested it, we found that the user could easily bypass the Woocommerce payment system and register. So what’s the point of having the Woocommerce payment system in between?

When we contacted their support team, we got a surprised response from their tech team:

LoginRadius support response


LoginRadius said that we have to migrate users to their RaaS before registering them via Woocommerce. While the Agreement we signed clearly states that we want users to get registered after making the payment via Woocommerce.

This is how their sales and tech teams are living in 2 different worlds. You can learn more about this terrible customer service of LoginRadius here.