How to insert the New Facebook Like button into WordPress without Plugins

We know very well that if we wish to run a great WordPress site, then the less number of plugins we use, the better. Plugins are useful but they can be a mess if you have too many of them and they not only keep conflicting with each other, but also cause unnecessary downtime for your website. So the trick of the trade here is that you have to avoid using plugins as much as possible in a WordPress environment. In June 2015, Facebook depreciated the Like¬†button and introduced Graph API v2.3. This … [Read more...]

How to integrate GotoWebinar and WordPress to sell paid webinars?

There are several plugins that integrate GotoWebinar and WordPress but when you want to sell paid webinars to your users, many of these plugins are of no use. Unless you are trying to catch hold of leads, these plugins are not really useful. You need to sell your webinars because the GotoWebinar platform itself is an expensive service and when you use it, you need to sell to cover your costs. GotoWP¬†WordPress plugin worked very well for us when we wanted to integrate GotoWebinar and WordPress to … [Read more...]

Which is the best Countdown plugin for my WordPress site?

I have used Countdown Pro and though it is a stable plugin, you cannot really modify it as per the needs of your website. For example, there are preset colors in this plugin to used for the counter and you cannot change them to blend it with your website. The other counter I used was Countdown Rocket plugin which shockingly hijacked my website and users started seeing ads inserted by this plugin. I immediately removed this plugin and contacted the developer who never responded. I had to raise a … [Read more...]