How to integrate GotoWebinar and WordPress to sell paid webinars?

There are several plugins that integrate GotoWebinar and WordPress but when you want to sell paid webinars to your users, many of these plugins are of no use. Unless you are trying to catch hold of leads, these plugins are not really useful. You need to sell your webinars because the GotoWebinar platform itself is an expensive service and when you use it, you need to sell to cover your costs.

GotoWP WordPress plugin worked very well for us when we wanted to integrate GotoWebinar and WordPress to sell paid webinars. GotoWP has a free plan but we suggest using its paid plans for getting the best results. We used their Woo Addon so that you can sell the webinars as well as the webinar recordings of GotoWebinar platform through Woocommerce. The entire process resolves many of your manual processes. For example, Woocommerce will ensure a seamless checkout process and if your customer demands a receipt, you can also hand it over via Woocommerce.

In this plugin, all you need to do add your GotoWebinar’s individual webinar ID into the Woocommerce field and as soon as the payment is confirmed, your customer will receive an automatic invitation from GotoWebinar.

GotoWP is really good but it has a strange way of pushing updates. You will not get any alerts in your email or in your WordPress Dashboard. You need to keep a close watch on GotoWP’s Twitter page where you will get a link to download the update. For users who are not on Twitter the only way to find this out is when they see that the GotoWebinar invitations are not automatically reaching out to your customers, it means the plugin has a new upgrade.

The other alternative for integrating GotoWebinar and WordPress to sell paid webinars is WishList Member. WishList offers integration of both the services which can also be combined with a membership-based module. But you will certainly miss the Woocommerce checkout process in this case.