LoginRadius RaaS – We spent $8000 and not a single successful registration

LoginRadius.com advertises its Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) as a platform we can use to register our users using SSO and/or social login. After getting high promises from their sales guy about how LoginRadius RaaS can fulfill our requirement to register our users, we signed up for their custom plan at $820 per month + $1500 setup fee. We wanted our users making payments to register on LoginRadius RaaS after making the payment - this means the users will first make the payment and then … [Read more...]

LoginRadius Review: Complete Disconnect between their Sales & Tech Teams

LoginRadius.com which promises to provide social login services does not have a proper system to keep its sales and tech teams in sync. While its sales team will promise the whole world for you when you contact them, their tech team ends up delivering an inferior software that you can never use. Then you end up exchanging numerous messages with their support team for months and you still arrive nowhere after spending thousands of dollars on their products. We enquired them for a simple social … [Read more...]