Creation of an E-Commerce Website in WordPress 2015

Creation of an E-Commerce Website on a WordPress 2015

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In this video tutorial, I’ll show You something special, and this is how to create Your own mobile friendly E-Commerce site with WordPress.

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We have a online Store where You can sell any Type of Products from T-shirts, coffee machines and even virtual Products to Your web site. This is a full Review tutorial and, as always, Total for Beginners. This Tutorial has helped to more than 5,000 site and I hope it helps You too!

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0:37 My Tutorials Work
1:35 Chains Of Lauren
3:45 Website-Tour
5:54 Payment System and Genuine Sale
13:47 Steps to Make a Website
17:20 What It Costs
18:00 with the discount Coupon “batmanandrobin” allows You to Save 30%
18:38 About WordPress
24:18 Accommodation
36:05 HostGator Your Account Information E-Mail
37:10 Installation Of WordPress
42:17 Login WordPress
43:50 Change The Password
44:45 Activate The Plugins
45:10 Deactivate, And Delete Plugins
46:13 To Install The Theme
52:13 Installation Of The Plugins Recommended
55:07-Design-Home Page
57:37 With the Theme-Design Options of the Site
58:27 by Drag-and-Drop-Home page
59:48 Create Icon Menu
1:03:20 Get Free Images on Google
1:04:30 Upload Images in WordPress
1:05:47 Configuration Blog
1:06:15 New Blog Post
1:06:56 Get A Fake Text
1:07:20 Set Blog Featured Image
1:08:30 Setup-Gallery images in the article
1:11:11 Embed YouTube Video
1:12:20 Create Pages
1:16:04 Sidebar
1:17:50 Install Review
1:19:05 Navigation Menu Creation
1:22:10 Fonts More
1:22:34 Create a Product
1:26:04 a quality Product
1:26:52-the Setup On the Sales and Comments
1:28:40 in Different Sizes and Colors (Variations)
1:41:47 Adding More Products in the Shop and the Home page
1:48:22 Add To The Portfolio Section
2:05:25 Add A Contact Page
2:09:35 Configuration Of The Foot Of The Page
2:15:25 Google Map
2:17:05 “References”To Add
2:20:43 Cart-Icon in the Header
2:27:30 Creation, Image Slider
2:43:11, We are Ready…Congratulations!!!

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