How to Create A Website in 5 Minutes with WordPress

How to Create A Website in 5 Minutes using WordPress


This video shows how Super-Quick to Create Your WordPress Website (5 Minutes).

Before you begin, go to the link above so that You can check Your domain Name, the easy Availability.

Start the Development of a web site in 5 simple Steps:-

Step 1 – Choose a Domain Name
Step 2:- Get the Domain and Hosting
Step 3:- Create Your Account
Step 4: Install WordPress
Step 5: Customize Your Website

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Let’s get started,

1) Choose a Domain Name:-

The first Step is to choose a domain Name. A domain name is also called a website Name. Find a Name and check the Availability of the computer from the link above. If You do not get the Name that You have chosen, then You can try another. Also, You can choose from .com .in .net .org-domains, depending on Their Choice and the region.

2), Hosting and Domain: –

After Searching for a domain Name move on to the next Stage, the Name to register and Get Accommodation. Registration of Your domain name are the Rights to Your website and the Accommodation lays just on the internet site. You can buy a Domain name and Hosting, to save the most. Just follow the full video, you get a special Coupon code for Your Purchase.

3) Your Account Configuration:-

After the Purchase of the Domain name and Hosting, You have to go to Your Account, the installation program. Create a User name and a Password for Your Account and finish the Process.

4) Install WordPress:-

Now, WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows You to create a web site without knowing Programming or Coding. It is very easy to build any Type of website or blog.
Installation of WordPress on the hosting server, and set a User name and a Password, to Access your WordPress Dashboard. It is there that You be Able to Control Your web site.

Thank you to the WordPress Dashboard, again, just add /wpadmin at the End of Your website Address.

5) Customization Of Your Website :-

WordPress can help You change the Appearance of Your web Site through the use of Themes. There are Thousands of Themes Available for free. You can also choose a Premium WordPress theme to enrich the Quality of Your web design.

Install a new Theme, go to the Dashboard and under Appearance, click on Themes.

Click on Popular and choose any Subject You want, and then click Install.