How to Install Google Analytics Tracking Code on WordPress

How to Install Google Analytics Tracking Code on WordPress

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How to install Google Analytics tracking code on WordPress-web site explains how the universal tracking code on a website built on WordPress CMS-content management system.

Google Analytics tracking code video tutorial is created by explains how easily installed through inserting, just a small JavaScript code (analytics.js or ga.js in your template header File. Google Analytics offers powerful and ” state of the art google analytics tracking to all the world with a Presence on the web. It is one of the most powerful digital analytics Service available on the internet and it is free for all website Operators to obtain further Information about Google analytic visit:

You can also take a Look at how it actually works by Visiting this link here:

Allow Yourself at least 24 Hours for all Data to appear in Your Google Analytics Account, once You have installed the tracking code on Your WordPress site. Once You upload Your web Pages online, and want to assure you that Your tracking code is properly loaded, then You can also verify Your installation by Visiting this Page to learn more about verifying Your tracking code installation:

For Webmasters who do not yet have Google Analytics, then You need to create one before the tracking code. You can learn how to Create an Account, by the Observation of the video tutorial:

For the Webmasters who designed Your web site with static HTML Files, then You can in this video, You will learn how to install Google Analytics Tracking Code to the last administration interface here:

Now that Your site is ready, You will be able to use the power of enterprise level tracking, why not create Your first content Experiment through A/B testing Google Analytics provides You. You can watch this step by step Guide that shows You how the Behavior of the Tests here:

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