WordPress for Beginners 2015 Tutorial Series | Chapter 2-3: Configuring DNS Settings

WordPress for Beginners 2015 Tutorial Series | Chapter 2-3: Configuring DNS Settings

WordPress for Beginners 2015 Tutorial Series | Chapter 2-3: Configuring DNS Settings

Now, we have a domain name and web space, we’re going to go ahead and show our domain name on our website; we’ll do it by the configuration of the DNS Settings with our domain name registrar.

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For this Course:
WordPress for Beginners 2015 is a Course specifically designed for People who want to learn WordPress step by step from the Beginning. All the Concepts are clearly presented, so that You can build a solid foundation in WordPress.

May be You are a WordPress enthusiast, a small Business Owner, freelancer, internet Market, or perhaps are You someone who has always wanted to create a web site, but don’t know where to start! This Course has been created for You.

In this World today, to know how to build a website is essential to Your Success, and if You don’t know how They are strictly limiting Your potential.

Why give the trouble of Dealing with web-design agency and pay Thousands of Dollars for a web site, if You can learn how to do it myself?

In this WordPress for Beginners 2015 foundation course, I’ll go through step-by-Step, how to create and manage Your own WordPress site. I also have ALL the works, so that You can Follow, next to me.

The first Chapter focuses on the presentation, the WordPress, the Differences between WordPress.Org and WordPress.Com as well as the different Types of accommodation.

Chapter Two focuses on the Preparation, including the Registration of a domain name and web space, configuration of DNS Settings, the Acquisition of the necessary software, as well as the download and installation of WordPress.

Chapter Three is divided into Block A and Block B In Block A, we’re going to focus on the content creation Page of WordPress, including how to create posts and Pages, the Differences between posts and Pages, Categories vs. tags, and much more. In Block B, we will focus on the Structure of the site, the Aspect of WordPress, including working with themes, plugins and widgets, customizing Menus, links, and more.

If You have any Questions, feel free to leave a Comment in the video and I’ll do my best to help You.